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Introduction to DevOps Concepts & Tools in Four Days

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Mindset + Tools

DevOps is a new way of organisational design and culture in software development and IT operations. Built on decades of Agile software development success DevOps closes the loop and turns an organsiation into a single Lean / agile unit for meeting clients and businesses needs.

Introduction to DevOps Concepts & Tools in Four Days

DevOps organisation

Design a Lean / Agile organisation for continuous value flow.

Cloud Computing

Understand what is available and possible on the cloud.

No-SQL & Big-Data

Save, access & safeguard large volumes of data on the cloud.

Code - Test - Build - Deploy

Adopt TDD & CI/CD to continuously code, integrate & deliver solutions.

Containers & Microsystems

Use Docker images to deploy microservice containers.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor and maintain your cloud based system.

DevOps Mindset

DevOps encompases a large expanse of culture, process, practices and tools. In this 4 days hands-on practical training you'll learn how DevOps can help your organisation by improving responsiveness, scalabilty, availablity, quality, cost and security in software production.

You'll learn how to think in terms of value streams and flow. Design a DevOps operation and choose platforms and tools in support of your design.

DevOps Tools

Tools enable DevOps model of working. Without tools DevOps will remain an idea. In this 4 days training you'll be introduced to some of the most exciting environments and tools to turn DevOps concepts into reality. You'll be introduce to cloud, databases, web, Web APIs and much more.


We offer public & in-house training

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Resources & Publications

DevOps: An Introduction

  • An introduction to DevOps
  • Mindset & Tools.
Download & Read

Transitioning to DevOps

  • Challanges & Opportunities in
  • Designing a DevOps Organisation.

DevOps Tool Chest

  • Sample of Open Source DevOps
  • tools and Cloud Resouces.


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